Interval Workplaces / Part Time Office Space

Interval Workspaces or iWorkplaces are an ideal alternative for New Jersey businesses and professionals requiring only a part-time workspace or office. Choose the exceptional value of a workstation or the privacy of a furnished office. All inclusive pricing makes iWorkplaces easily the best value in quality workspace.

Membership Plan Features Interval
Workstation Office
Private Fully Furnished Windowed Office Included
Workstation in a Semi-Private Window Office Included
Use of Cisco IP Phone and Unlimited Domestic Calls Included
Address Use/Directory Listing/Locking Mailbox Optional Included
24/7 Building and Center Access Optional
Access During Business Hours Included Included
Wired or Wireless Broadband Service Included Included
Sound Baffled Workstations and Offices Included Included
Access to Our MW Business Lounge-Bistro Included Included
Starbucks Beverage Service Included Included
Workplace Concierge Services Included Included
Use of Amenities Including the Walk Station Included Included
All Natural Light, Windowed Workspaces Included Included
Premium Ergonomic Seating and Furnishings Included Included
Meeting Room Use at Reduced Rates (Up To 50%) Included Included
Free Parking (including Visitors) Included Included
Access to the Building Cafe Included Included
On-Site Daily Lockers Included Included
Included = Included                 Optional = Optional
MONTHLY CHARGE (per person)
Up To 10 Days per Month (12 month term) $295 $495
Unlimited Access (12 month term) $495 $795
Initial Set-Up Charge (per person) $275 $375

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Workstations and Offices areassigned daily as needed.
Prices are accurate at time of publication, but may be changed without notice.