Meeting Facilities – New Jersey

Morristown Workplaces Meeting Facilities offer a simplified hourly pricing structure for a professional level alternative to other meeting places. MWP is unbranded and ideal for critical meetings where a first class environment is required.

Meeting Room 1: Focus

Meeting Room 1 comfortably seats up to 4 people around a cherry wood table with matching leather seating. Ideal for personal financial planners, attorneys, and other professionals looking for a highquality consultation setting. This room is accessible 24/7.
From $24 per hour.


Meeting Room 2: Present

Meeting Room 2 seats up to 6 people and is designed for presentations or group discussions. This is a comfortable and luxurious setting with cherry wood finishes, premium leather seating, and acoustical walls. Ideal for depositions, board meetings, and other uses where image counts.
From $40 per hour.


Meeting Room 3: Collaborate

An absolute state of the art collaboration room seating up to 6 with integrated LCD screens,higher table, and adjustable Steelcase Leap seating. Connect multiple laptops simultaneously and switch the display between each with the press of a button. This design is well proven for stimulating thinking andparticipation.
From $50 per hour.


Training Room: Educate

A purpose-built 24 person training room designed for all day comfort with full whiteboard walls, short throw LCD projector (for no shadow), ergonomic seating, built in wet catering station, full Cat6 wiring, multi-zone lighting, 24/7 access, and power distribution system to each table.
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